Get GAME GOLF LIVE Data On Your Watch

Questions concernant votre programme de musculation.

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Get GAME GOLF LIVE Data On Your Watch

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Knowing more about your golf game may shave strokes off your score. Shortly, using a quick Glance at your watch, you'll see essential shot-tracking and space data that can enable you to hit smarter shots.

Coming shortly to Apple, Pebble and Android watches will beGAME GOLF, the Industry's leading shot-tracking system for Android and both iOS. GAME GOLF provides amateur golfers all of the advice professional golfers use to perfect their matches. Golfers will have the ability to see the stage on Apple watches in the 63rd PGA Merchandise Show, January 26-29, 2016, in Orlando.

"Eighteen months ago, we initiated the golf shot-tracking Merchandise that merged elegant design with technology that is innovative," said John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF. "Now that GAME GOLFwill be around the world's most popular smart-fitness watches, we'll be the only organization to provide golfers a full package of mobile platforms on which they can capture their stats, examine and adapt their matches, share their successes and have more fun on the course." ... nder-Watch

The watches work in sync with the new GAME GOLF LIVE Wearable device with Bluetooth technology. As a golfer plays with a rounded, an integrated software platform automatically tracks, and immediately captures, all performance information, in real-time. Golfers see a complete screen of their advice in their iOS or Android telephones; yet, they could now glance at their watches to acquire a real-time snapshot of their information while playing. Watches also can be used in conjunction with all the GAME GOLF Program.

Together with the watches, golfers get a suite of features Such as: A rangefinder, enabling them to merely turn their wrists into the path to acquire accurate distances, the capacity to see their own shots, manually insert penalty shots, alter holes (go back to look at previous holes or look ahead), and end their round.

"GAME GOLF on your watch literally Transforms your golfing experience," said PGA Professional Graeme McDowell. "It is quite surprising how interesting the sport becomes and how easy it's to just glance at your wrist to get a fast view of your game and what's ahead. I don't usually like distractions while I am playing. However, the simplicity of the plan, and the method by which in which the watch provides you essential information, makes GAME GOLF in your watch as significant to a fantastic match as your clubs and balls."

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When you have time to check your phone, or you are back at your Computer, the newest GAME GOLFLIVE platform provides perspectives on a golfer's game that are unavailable on rival systems. New Strokes Gained Overview displays robust metrics off the tee, on approach shots, during the brief game and for placing. Strokes Gained metrics are considered the most accurate method to compare a golfer's play against the information of a scratch golfer. GAME GOLF LIVE features a fresh twist by providing a comprehensive SMART TIPS section to interpret Strokes Gained information and pinpoint improvement opportunities while making recommendations on the regions where golfers must focus their practice time. When seen on the web, GAME GOLF LIVE Strokes Gained compares a player's latest rounds into a scratch player's rounds to find out how many strokes are lost , in fairway drama, chipping or putting.

GAME GOLF LIVE's mapping systems have been Updated to add Google Maps, Apple Maps and BING Maps. The system currently includes the most powerful course rangefinder. Assessing data for precision and adding penalties are easy. All playing statistics and history are automatically backed up online. During their own Android or iOS phones players can share their rounds via email, Facebook and Twitter. The PGA of America and Golf Channel are partners in the brand.

The watch apps will be free from the Apple and Android stores. The Apple Watch app, that debuts in January, is going to Require your iPhone to conduct iOS9 and the Watch to be on the WatchOS2 platforms. The Pebble and Android watch apps will be available in the initial quarter.

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Re: Avis sur mon programme half body

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J'ai pas lu en détail :

Bien trop chargé de base, 20 séries max par séance.

Et encore plus si comptes le faire 3x par semaine.
D'ailleurs a 6 training par semaine, fais plutôt un PPL.
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Re: Avis sur mon programme half body

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Et encore : je dirais pas plus de 4 exercices par séance et 12 à 15 séries... L'important est de progresser, pas de dérouler un catalogue d'exercices.
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Re: Avis sur mon programme half body

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Salut, tu as oublié une séance pour dimanche aussi :lol: :lol: :lol:
S:160 B:120 D:210