Traction et dips

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Traction et dips

Message par queylotrie »

Just playing table tennis around


It is a rainy day. Your best friend's gone on vacation. There is Nothing to do. Why don't you use your imagination to devise a new game? Look around. Do you seea walrus skin, a peach basket, a stack of books, your own hand?

Some of today's most popular sports began when people Used their creativity and"played around" with these simple products. The epidermis, the basket, and the books all came in handy a long time ago when people were looking for something athletic to do for pleasure. They made good use of the regular things around them. This is proof that you don't need fancy, expensive gear to compose a good game. Their games"grew up" to become part of the Olympic Games. Today, both women and men compete in these events. At PingpongStart you can find out the best ping pong table: ... ong-table/

What? You say you have never noticed a peach basket at the Olympics? No walrus skin or heaps of books? Let's take a look at history.

Jumping High

It may surprise you to know that many, many Years Back in Alaska, Eskimos played a trampoline game. They stretched walrus skins onto stakes pounded into the ice and then tossed up another up in the air. Years later, in 1936, George Nissen improved over the Eskimos' match. He devised the trampoline in his own garage. George was a gold medal gymnast and a circus acrobat. He liked how he can jump high in the air on his trampoline and even turn a somersault until he came back down! Trampolining was made an official event in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The walrus skin match has come a long way!

A Peach of a Game

The American game of basketball started with a cherry basket, a Ladder, and a soccer ball. James Naismith put his imagination to work and devised the sport in the winter of 1891. He wanted an indoor game that could present his YMCA students a way to exercise if the weather was so bad. He made up 10 rules for"Basket-Ball." Afterwards, James had been thrilled to find out his game become part of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. By the way, when the game was played in the YMCA gym, whenever a group made a"basket," someone had to climb the ladder to get the ball! what is the size of a ping pong table

A Novel Net


Ping-Pong, or table tennis, goes back into the early 1800s. British Army officers in India were searching for something fun to do in their spare time. 1 dayan officer with a fantastic imagination piled up a row of books across a desk to make a net. He carved a bottle cork into a round shape and forced paddles from cigar box figurines. Over time, the match was performed with wooden paddles, a hollow ball, and also a true net. Table tennis became an Olympic event in 1988.

An Ancient Game

Some state that tennis was first played by early Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Others say that the game began around 1000 when French monks used their hands to hit on a wad of yarn across a rope. To protect their palms, they started wearing gloves and coated the ball with cloth. Then someone made a paddle to hit the ball across a web. Finally, a racquet with webbing across its framework was used. Tennis became a part of the Olympics in 1896.

What's Your New Game?

Next time there is nothing interesting to do, look around your room. Scout out the basement. Search the backyard. Just play what you find. Use your creativity. You might end up inventing a new sport. Make up rules and invite several friends over to test out your new game.

You and your buddies might be the first kids to perform a long time Olympic event! read more How to set up a ping pong table
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Re: Traction et dips

Message par pierre176 »

Tu pèses combien?
bench 1@152.5 DL 1@235 kg squat 1@170 dips 1@PDC+100kg Tractions 1@PDC+67,5kg
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Re: Traction et dips

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j ai commencé la musculation
Rien d'anormal donc.

Laisse toi juste le temps de progresser suffisamment au développé couché serrée, au rowing, etc.. et d'être en meilleure condition physique pour y arriver.
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Re: Traction et dips

Message par patrick »

Problème de poids ?

Sinon, avant de faire des mouvement en pleine amplitude, rien n'interdit de faire des mouvements partiels. Avec la pratique, la force viendra pour des mouvements complets.
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Re: Traction et dips

Message par Kaii »

Tu peux t'aider des elastiques , ca viendra au fur et a mesure
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Re: Traction et dips

Message par Roses »

Après un mois rien d'alarmant...les tractions tu essayes en pronation/supination?

Quoi qu'il arrive, essaye de progresser sur d'autres exos moins "compliqués" en te focalisant sur le mouvement, pas sur la charge. Les exercices au poids du corps viendront dans un second temps dans ton cas.

Il m'a fallu environ 6 mois pour réussir une traction "propre" donc ne t'inquiète pas icon10