You're gaining weight, hello

Tout sur la prise de masse ! Comment prendre de la masse et grossir ?

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You're gaining weight, hello

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I would like to know if my mass gain is correct working at night. And know what to increase to go to 3300 kcal
I measure 1m70 for 65kg objective 71/72kg

calories consumed 2941

Total fat 77g / 24%
Total carbohydrates 426g / 57%
Total protein 140g / 19% 3 p.m.


2 eggs
50g ham
150ml fruit juice
40g wholemeal bread
2 bananas

5g BCAAs before during and after training 5 p.m.


6.30 p.m. lunch

75g chicken fillet
200 broccoli or sweet potato
110g basmati rice
1 spoon of olive oil

10:30 p.m. snack

40g of tuna
70g of raisins
60g of wholemeal bread
15g of walnuts

1 hour dinner

75g of 5% minced steak
300 d of green beans
70g of basmati rice
1 spoon of olive oil

3:30 a.m. snack

40g of ham
70g of raisins
60g of bread
15g of walnuts

6h30 snack before bedtime

200g of cottage cheese 0%
10g of linseed
15g of walnuts