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Douleur seins ?

Posté : 18 août 2019, 17:15
par VictorTom
Choosing Trampoline Mats - Determining Size And Shape

Have you used your backyard trampoline as part of the kid's entertainment and part of the Personal fitness gym? The uses and benefits of the trampoline are endless, and many people have traded in their expensive gym membership for several hours to jump and stretch on the trampoline at home every day. AS with all types of structures that encounter much daily wear and tear, the inability to parts of the trampoline will have to be replaced at all times. It is important to know how to choose the trampoline carpet, as well as the best way to measure the structure that is equipped with the replacement parts. Useful advises about choosing the best trampoline can be found at: ... d533e39b75.

As you probably already know, trampolines have many different shapes and sizes. There is a mini trampoline, also known as restorations, which are often used in homes because they will not provide enough bounce to risk beating your head to the ceiling. From there, you can move onto medium-sized trampoline panels, which usually have a diameter of about eight to ten feet, which should be used externally, as well as a full-size spring-sized trampoline with a diameter of fourteen to fifteen feet or larger. Trampolines are available in traditional circular shapes, as well as squares and rectangles


When it comes to picking the trampoline carpet, the most important information it needs is the exact diameter of the structure, as well as the method of connecting your favorite carpet, spring size and the number of springs. If you have never measured your trampoline before, you should know that the round trampoline is sized by measuring directly on the widest part of the circle. Measure multiple times, from various sides before you decide that you have precise measurements. It is important to remember that you should only measure from the edge of the mat, never include springs in your rating.

Finding the spring counts isn't very difficult: just count the number of springs that connect your trampoline to the frame. In order to determine the measurements of springs, it is important to completely remove the trampoline. Any stretching or flexing will deform your measurements. You should measure the springs from the bow of the first hook to the bow of the other hook. Keep in mind that conventional spring sizes usually range from 4.75 "-9 ". The last thing you want to consider when buying carpet trampoline is the type of connection with spring. Many people have metal hooks that are sewn, but these are easily torn. Some people prefer the strips of cloth to remove the need for springs. If you want to find more information about trampoline, please check out our blog:

Re: Douleur seins ?

Posté : 19 août 2019, 18:06
par patrick

Il y a peu de femmes sur le forum, j'espère qu'elles te répondront, néanmoins il y a quelques questions/réflexions :

- Pourquoi seulement les pectoraux ? Le corps est un tout. Premier avis : travailler tout le corps, et voir ce qui se passe.
- Les seins ne comportent aucun muscle, dont la douleur ne peut pas être musculaire. Et je doute que la production d'hormones suite à un entraînement puisse avoir de telles répercussions
- Est-ce que la douleur perdure ? Si oui, alors il y a de fortes probabilités qu'il n'y ait pas de lien avec la musculation.

Bon courage

Re: Douleur seins ?

Posté : 05 sept. 2019, 17:11
par mamadoo06
Pour répondre à moitié je peux te dire que ma femme a une douleur musculaire dans les pec un à deux jours après ses séances mais pas aux seins

Re: Douleur seins ?

Posté : 06 sept. 2019, 06:58
par Lio974
Salut. C'est normal, mais rassure moi: elle fait tout le corps :?:

Re: Douleur seins ?

Posté : 06 sept. 2019, 07:22
par mamadoo06
Oui, lafay femme
Et elle a des courbatures partout mais pas dans les seins ce qui me semble logique ...